An Historic Event

Today is a significant day: it marks the inauguration of my first blog. I have for a long time considered obtaining a domain and creating a website of some kind. I’ve done a fair amount of research into doing so, but had not as yet officially undertaken such an endeavor. This blog is the first appreciable step in that direction.

I have to say that starting a blog is much more complex than I had previously anticipated. I ran into all kinds of complicated decisions: a hostname, a title, a template, various layout options, and so on. It is fairly vital to make all of these decisions correctly. Several people have tried to convince me that these are all very easy; however, I maintain that my perspective is not unfounded: if I am going to be posting to a blog then it needs to adequately represent my personality and its purpose in name, design, and content. From this perspective its a wonder that I’ve gotten this far.

Thus far I have been very dissatisfied with the templates and flexibility of Therefore, I am officially citing this limitation as a significant factor in determining the present appearance of this site. I do not think that the design of my blog is currently satisfactory, but I finally gave up on trying to customize it. It is likely going to take a lot of time to get it passably perfect and I would like to start blogging sooner than it will take to get it looking right.

Additionally, I am not yet convinced that is my first choice of blog hosting services. It is convenient and relatively easy to set up (if you are not to particular) so I am using it for now. I do have a strong inclination to buy my own domain in the near future. This makes the web and blog hosting question much more significant. Thus, more research is certainly requisite prior to departing from

With these disclaimers in place I can commence blogging.