My New Tablecloth: An Update

I’ve been ranting about my tablecloth to lots of people and have repeatedly run into the fact that I forgot to mention in my blog the brand of my new awesome tablecloth. It is an Origins Microfiber Tablecloth. Mine is Navy, 52 x 70 inches for $14.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond. I’m going to buy the black one next.

My new cloth napkins are also truly amazing in texture and quality. They are Chateau Stripe Napkins. I got 8 at $2.99 each, also from Bed Bath and Beyond. Well worth the price.

Oh, and by the way, I have washed the tablecloth several times now. All the food I spilled on it (most of which was intentional) came right out, and it has not lost its ability to repel water in the slightest.

You should all check them out and buy your own.