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March 2009

Happy Birthday Nelson!

Today is my roommate Nelson’s birthday. I baked this German Chocolate Cake for the occasion. I’ve made German Chocolate Cake from scratch a couple of times before. It’s worth making it from scratch even though it calls for pretty specialized ingredients (like cake flour and sweetened baking chocolate) and it is a rather complicated cake […]

Legalization of Illicit Drugs

I know that I have mentioned to several people in various conversations the economic perspective that illegal drugs should be legalized. Unfortunately, I have not been versed enough in the details of the subject to give a very motivating argument. Dr Jeffrey Miron, an economist at Harvard University, published an article about the topic last […]

A Website Well Worth Checking Out

When I was looking up information about Dr Benjamin’s mathemagics performance (see my blog post), I stumbled across a site on the internet that I think is worth checking out. It is TED.com. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. It started in 1984 as a conference to “[bring] together people from those three worlds.” During […]

MatheMagics Show at BYU

Dr Arthur Benjamin will be coming to BYU to perform this week. He combines magic and mathematics in his performances of “mathemagics.” It’s supposed to be very enjoyable and entertaining for everyone—not just the mathematically inclined. Tickets are free; here’s the flier from the BYU Math Department for the event: My numerical methods professor, Dr […]

A Marvel of Modern Technology

Yesterday I saw a self cleaning oven clean itself for the first time in my life. It was pretty amazing. Having seen it, I don’t expect I’ll ever own an oven that can’t clean itself. I grew up in what some would consider the dark ages of technology. I’m sure many of you can’t even […]

The Coolest Jump Drive Ever

A few months ago I bought a new jump drive. I still get utility from its design and size (both its physical size and mental capacity) every time I use it. When I first came to BYU I bought a jump drive. It was a cutting edge 512 MB drive. I used it for a […]