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April 2009

Graduation Gifts

As graduation approached it didn’t even cross my mind that people typically give graduations gifts and that I would soon be the recipient of such. Then my grandpa called me to talk to me about the gift my grandparents wanted to give me: a Kitchenaid. So now I can certainly say I got the coolest […]

A Few of My Favorite Books

A friend just wrote on her blog about how she has recently been reading more, and she asked for recommendations of books readers recommend. I posted a few of my suggestions, and decided to post my thoughts here as well. I really should add more to this list, because it is just a smattering of […]

The Complicated Task of Hard Boiling Eggs

I realize that I’m posting a lot about eggs and cooking, but I can’t help but mention this. As I was perusing my new Joy of Cooking yesterday, I came across the fact that the method for hard boiling eggs that the new version recommends is different from the method that the old version recommended […]

Mobile Blogging

This post was sent from my cell phone. Technology’s pretty cool.

The 75th Anniversary of The Joy of Cooking

A couple of years ago in early 2006 I discovered one of the best cookbooks ever published: the Joy of Cooking. If I remember correctly, my roommate Nick checked it out from the BYU library and we both fell in love with it. It wasn’t long before we both bought copies. When we bought them […]

Easter Eggs from Outer Space

This year my family decorated Easter Eggs a little differently. We decided to go with an outer space theme. So we divvied up the planets and other astrological bodies and used a combination of egg dye and paint to create the universe. All the pictures are below. Take special note of how nicely this blog […]

Mathematics Sterling Scholar

My sister Samantha was awarded Sterling Scholar for Mathematics for Granger High School this year. This is one of the very highest awards that can be given by a high school in Utah. Sterling Scholar in mathematics is especially impressive. For those who are unfamiliar with the Sterling Scholar award, each year one student from […]