Easter Eggs from Outer Space

This year my family decorated Easter Eggs a little differently. We decided to go with an outer space theme. So we divvied up the planets and other astrological bodies and used a combination of egg dye and paint to create the universe. All the pictures are below. Take special note of how nicely this blog post is laid out—it took me hours to do this. Sometimes Blogger is not very easy to work with. You can click on any picture to see it larger (and it's often worth it). The complete solar system is shown here: Here are the individual planets in the solar system and the person who created each:
The Sun William Krohn Mercury Robyn Krohn Venus Robyn Krohn
The Earth William Krohn Earth Easter Egg Mars Bill Krohn Mars Easter Egg The Asteroid Belt Sheri Krohn Asteroid Belt Easter Egg
Jupiter Bill Krohn Jumpiter Easter Egg Saturn Robyn Krohn Saturn Easter Egg Uranus Sheri Krohn Uranus Easter Egg
Neptune Bill Krohn Neptune Easter Egg Pluto Bill Krohn Pluto Easter Egg Planet X Robyn Krohn Planet X Easter Egg
Here's the earth and the moon together: Earth System Easter Egg I think the Earth turned out really well. It took a long time to do:
North America Earth Western Hemisphere Easter Egg Western Europe Earth Atlantic Ocean Easter Egg Asia Earth Eastern Hemisphere Easter Egg
Pacific Ocean Earth Pacific Ocean Easter Egg North Pole Earth North Pole Easter Egg Antarctica Earth Antarctica Easter Egg
My mom did the moon:
Full Moon Full Moon Easter Egg Quarter Moon Quarter Moon Easter Egg New Moon New Moon Easter Egg
And here are the rest of the astrological bodies:
Nebula Robyn Krohn Nebula Easter Egg Spiral Galaxy William Krohn Spiral Galaxy Easter Egg Big Dipper Robyn Krohn Big Dipper Easter Egg
Black Hole Robyn Krohn Black Hole Easter Egg Black Hole Robyn Krohn Black Hole with Vortex Easter Egg Worm Hole Sheri Krohn Worm Hole Easter Egg
Blue Sun Robyn Krohn Blue Sun Easter Egg Haley's Comet Sheri Krohn Comet Easter Egg The Northern Lights Bill Krohn Northern Lights Easter Egg
In light of this year's festivities, I now think just dying Easter Eggs is kind of boring. I still have this year's eggs, but they probably won't last much longer. Next year I think we'll blow out the eggs rather than hard boil them so that we can seal them and keep them longer.