Nerd versus Sports Jock

While I was at my parents’ house today one of my sister Samantha’s friends stopped by to pick her up. In the few minutes he was there he said something to me like:

Samantha says you are the biggest nerd in your family but I don’t think you look look like a nerd. I think you look more like a sports jock.

I’m not really sure how to take that. Compliment? Insult to my intelligence? Not sure. In any case, apparently I don’t look as much like a nerd as a think, at least.

After he left, his comment was a topic of conversation. My mom attributes the difference in my apparent nerdiness directly to my having had LASIK. She thinks I look a lot less nerdy now than I did before. Samantha has the same opinion. One more reason I’m glad to have had LASIK. My sister Robyn insists that it was a compliment.

So I’m certainly glad I don’t have the blatant appearance of a nerd anymore, but I do hope I still look kinda smart at least.