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August 2009

Tracking Proactive Calls

I discovered that we use an Excel spreadsheet to track our outbound calls and we place the calls manually. I couldn’t help but ask my manager about it: William: So maybe this is a silly questions, but how come we are using an Excel spreadsheet to track our proactive calls at InsideSales? Josh: I guess […]

The Scientist

A friend of mine recently took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test, which reminded me that I took it a while back and read a fair amount about it then. It is one of the more accurate and insightful personality categorizations I’ve seen. It assesses 4 different binary personality facets, giving 16 possible personality types. […]

A Faulty Smoke Detector

Today I tested my smoke detectors to make sure they work; the result was slightly concerning. While my roommate and a bunch of other people were watching Prison Break in the front room, I started cooking some rice on the stove. Then I went back to my room and forgot about it. After about 10 […]