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September 2009

Insurance 101

I read an article written by several highly respected people in economics and health care published in The Wall Street Journal today on several aspects of the health care reform that I have thought a fair amount about. I quite agree with what they wrote and recommend reading it. I want to expand on some […]

Crossed Connections

I work for a company that provides technology to assist in efficiently managing leads and/or customers. It also integrates with the telephone system to provide some pretty cool telephony tools for both inbound and outbound calling. The integration with the phone system works quite well most of the time, but the other day I heard […]

Blogger Has A New Editor

I just accidentally stumbled across the fact that Blogger has a new post editor. You have to turn it on though—apparently it’s not turned on by default.  Go to Settings, then Basic, then Post Editor, and select Updated editor.  So far it looks pretty sweet. Update: Now that I have written a post with this […]

My Dream Job

The Utah Symphony named a new conductor yesterday: Thierry Fischer. From the Utah Symphony website: Swiss conductor Thierry Fischer is Principal Conductor of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and also Chief Conductor of the Nagoya Philharmonic. From 2001-2006 he was Principal Conductor and Artistic Advisor of the Ulster Orchestra. In 2009 he was named […]

The H1N1 Rap

Here is the winner for a contest (sponsored by George Mason University Departments of Health and Human Services and Education) for the best public service announcement video for the H1N1 flu virus. It’s kinda catchy. Congratulations to Dr. John Clarke, Medical Director for the Long Island Railroad.

Suspicious Semantics

President Obama was interviewed by 5 different networks over the weekend. Here is one short segment of one interview that I found interesting. It’s a short conversation between George Stephanopoulos and President Obama about new taxation that is in the current health care reform bill. You can also read the text of the conversation from […]

Withdrawals from Thinking

It has been quite a while since I’ve been so intent on an activity that I’ve dreamed about it at night. For example, when I was in high school there was a while that I was programming during all of my free time; I remember dreaming about C++ at night often. Then I started playing […]

Don’t Text and Drive?

So according to The Salt Lake Tribune today, there are now 22 states that both ban texting and provide a service to get traffic and road condition information on a mobile device (most often via twitter). Utah is one of those states.

Straws on the Camel’s Back

The following is a list of things that absolutely drive me crazy. If you want to get me to start beating people with a crowbar or smashing people’s faces in with a Maglite, these are a great start. This is also a list of things that my current roommates seem completely apathetic about: Dishes soaking […]

A Shift in Political Perspective

The last couple of weeks I haven’t spent as much time following the health care debate as I would like. I did listen to President Obama’s speach tonight and then I spent some time doing some research about what I’ve missed in the last few weeks. There was one particular paragraph on Keith Hennessey’s blog […]