Straws on the Camel’s Back

The following is a list of things that absolutely drive me crazy. If you want to get me to start beating people with a crowbar or smashing people’s faces in with a Maglite, these are a great start. This is also a list of things that my current roommates seem completely apathetic about:

  • Dishes soaking in the sink. They collect standing water and food debris and smell very bad very quickly. I can usually smell it within 24 hours; shortly after that I start smelling it as soon as I walk into the room. They also make the sink totally unusable. I don’t really care if people don’t wash their dishes—just put them next to the sink.
  • My utensils, glasses, knives, etc. soaking in the sink. Things rust and things break. Few things are not put at serious risk by soaking in the sink. I can’t tell you how many things I have had damaged or ruined by roommates because of this alone.
  • Unrinsed dishrags left in the sink. They reek. And once they start reeking washing them is a lost cause.
  • Food regularly spilled on the tablecloth. We can’t even go 8 hours.
  • Not rinsing out the bathroom sink. I don’t have a problem with people shaving or spitting in the sink. But leaving the stuff there afterward?
  • Dirty laundry left in the bathroom. It shouldn’t be that difficult. If you forget something for a day, oh well. But leaving it there for a week? You can’t possibly not realize that it’s yours after that long.
  • Not replacing the toilet paper roll. I think the new roll would simply stay on the counter if I didn’t put it on the dispenser. I can’t think of a better act of supreme laziness. It takes 3 seconds. Literally. Then again, I have been practicing for years—maybe if you never do it then it can take upwards of 5 minutes. I wouldn’t know.

I don’t think that I have that extreme of demands. I’m just asking for a teensy bit of adult responsibility. Maybe that’s too much.