Blogger Has A New Editor

I just accidentally stumbled across the fact that Blogger has a new post editor. You have to turn it on though—apparently it’s not turned on by default.  Go to Settings, then Basic, then Post Editor, and select Updated editor.  So far it looks pretty sweet.

Update: Now that I have written a post with this turned on, it turns out that it has a few bugs.  Still, I think the new stuff is worth working around the occasional glitches.  At least that’s what I think so far …

Update: So now I’ve actually looked at the post I published with the new editor, and there were several formatting errors (mostly extra line breaks) randomly thrown in.  I had to edit the HTML in order to get rid of them.  And it looks like it is doing some other screwy things with the HTML code now that I’ve looked more closely.  So maybe use the new editor at your own risk.