Crossed Connections

I work for a company that provides technology to assist in efficiently managing leads and/or customers. It also integrates with the telephone system to provide some pretty cool telephony tools for both inbound and outbound calling. The integration with the phone system works quite well most of the time, but the other day I heard one of the funniest recorded telephone conversations I’ve ever heard when two calls got crossed in the system. To make it easier to follow, I’ll give names to those involved, though now I haven’t any idea what their names actually were or even what company they worked for.

Jim and Suzie both work for Some Company, Inc. Suzie is placing an outbound call to an elderly lady named Mrs. Brown. At the same time an inbound call from Mr. Green comes in and goes to Jim. In the process the lines get crossed. So Jim and Mr. Green are still able to have a regular conversation, but Mrs. Brown is connected to Jim’s half of the conversation: Mrs. Brown can hear what Jim is saying but Jim can’t hear Mrs. Brown (and Mrs. Brown can’t hear Mr. Green). Suzie can hear the whole conversation, but no one can hear her. Both calls were supposed to be recorded, so in actuality the call was recorded from both Mr. Green’s perspective and Mrs. Brown’s perspective. Here it is from Mrs. Brown’s perspective:

Jim: Hi, this is Jim from Some Company, Inc. How can I help you?

Mrs. Brown: [Confused] Um, I don’t know. You called me.

Jim: Yes Sir.

Mrs. Brown: [Obviously taken aback] I’m a woman.

[Brief Pause]

Jim: [Uncertainly] Uh huh.


Mrs. Brown: [Hesitantly] Are you a person?

Jim: [Decidedly] Yes sir.

[Brief pause]

Jim: Okay so we won’t send you any of our products right now. Can we still send you some materials for you to read?

Mrs. Brown: [Growing slightly exasperated] I don’t even now where you are calling from. Who is this?

Jim: Okay, so we’ll send that information to you right away. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Mrs. Brown: I don’t want …

Jim: Okay, thank you for your time sir.

[Call Ends]

I also listened to the recording from Mr. Green’s perspective; the call made perfect sense from that side. But man, it could not have matched what Mrs. Brown was saying better if it had been planned. From what I heard, the system had a few glitches right in a row. Poor Mrs. Brown got several calls, none of them intended for her.

I’m sure that nobody ever called her to give her an explanation, either. Someone should really send her a copy of both recordings. I really wish I could get a copy of that recording, too.