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October 2009

My Favorite Carbonated Drink

First of all, I am not a fan of carbonated drinks.  They don’t taste all that great, they don’t typically make me feel very good, they cut down on your body’s oxygen capacity, and they aren’t very good for you. Growing up my family didn’t drink soda very often.  And when we did it was […]

Econ 110 in 3 Minutes

Whether you need a review of Economics 110 or you have never taken it and want a crash course, here’s a great resource.

Posting from Microsoft Office

I just found out that Microsoft Office 2007 has the ability to post to blogs. I linked it up with Blogger and this is my first test.

Women’s Night Out

Apparently the Saturday night of General Conference weekend is a pretty good time to go to Bath and Body Works. For some reason they think that lots of women are going to be out shopping together. They had quite a few discounts and specials, calling it Women’s Night Out. So I got $35 of merchandise […]