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November 2009

Amen, Brother

Oh Very Funny

I saw this on CNN a little while ago.  Today I had to do some hunting to find it again.  Probably one of the funniest commercials ever. I’ve watched this a whole bunch of times; I laugh every time.


For Halloween this year I spent the evening at my Grandma’s 70th birthday party.  Unfortunately, pictures often don’t really do things justice. I mostly did the tattoos myself—they were individual 1 × 1 inch square temporary tattoos, so it took a little while.  My mother tailored my shirt (though she had no idea what costume […]

Microsoft Windows Live Writer

Several posts ago I mentioned I discovered that Microsoft Word had the ability to publish blog posts.  I said I was going to experiment with it and see how it worked.  Now I’ve done so and am ready to release my findings. Using Word to publish posts worked great initially.  Finally, I had a good […]

Webforms, Webforms, Webforms

I think I’ve mentioned that my job is typically not very challenging.  A lot of the time it is quite boring, though fortunately I get extra projects every so often that are interesting enough to keep things tolerable.  But this week’s extra project has been the worst stuff I’ve had to do there yet. The […]

The Smell of Baking Pie

It’s been some 3 months since I baked a pie.  That’s remarkable for such a longstanding addiction to baking pies.  And especially considering it is such a strong addictive habit.  Today I finally broke down and baked one.  I had forgotten just how good a baking pie smells.  The smell of a flaky, browning crust […]