The Smell of Baking Pie

It’s been some 3 months since I baked a pie.  That’s remarkable for such a longstanding addiction to baking pies.  And especially considering it is such a strong addictive habit.  Today I finally broke down and baked one.  I had forgotten just how good a baking pie smells.  The smell of a flaky, browning crust combined with a bubbling mixture of berries is a delicately divine aroma.

IMG_4711 CroppedI had trouble deciding what kind to make.  So I made both of my favorites: Quadrupleberry and Banana Berry.  Two of the greatest pies of all time.  This is the first time that I have split a pie in half and also made a twisted lattice on it.  (I’ve split pies in halves, thirds, and quarters before, and I have made a lot of very complex lattice structures—just never on the same pie.)  It provided a welcome bit of extra challenge—it’s not a pie for beginners, but certainly a pie worth the effort.  It might be worth it just for the smell alone.