For Halloween this year I spent the evening at my Grandma’s 70th birthday party.  Unfortunately, pictures often don’t really do things justice.


I mostly did the tattoos myself—they were individual 1 × 1 inch square temporary tattoos, so it took a little while.  My mother tailored my shirt (though she had no idea what costume it was for); my friend Shelli did my makeup.

I typically get a little carried away with costumes on Halloween.  I’ve had a lot of people who have heard rumors ask me about my previous costumes, so here are a couple more of them.  As always, you can click to enlarge.

My Other Half (2006)
My mother helped a lot in constructing this costume.  We cut two sets of clothes in half and she stitched them together into one.  Notice the tie that’s cut down the middle—including the knot.  The zipper on the pants even worked (being half jeans and half slacks).  My friend Nick was my tattoo artist.

IMG_1483 IMG_1482 IMG_1481

Ax Murderer (2007)
I did the bloodying myself.  The stuff I bought to do it was cheap and really realistic.  It was pretty cool, though kinda messy.  And yes, the ax is real and so is the hair matted to the blade (it was kindly donated to the cause).

IMG_2294 IMG_2300

Earwig Clusters (2006)
Finally, I have to mention the dessert I made for a Halloween dessert making contest a couple years ago.  Made with real earwigs harvested in my parents’ backyard.  I got the recipe from my mother, who’s made them before (though I did modify it a little).

IMG_1471 EarwigClusters

Can’t wait till next year.  As has been customary, I’ll probably wait until about two days before Halloween before I have a great idea for a costume.