A Tragedy May Have Struck

It’s too early to tell for sure, but my favorite hand soap may have ceased to exist. I’ve mentioned this before: Bath and Body Works moisturizing hand soap has been the best hand soap I had ever used, hands down. It smells great and it has prevented my hands from cracking and bleeding for about 18 months now, which is remarkable given the degree to which my hands historically dry out. And I’ve successfully converted a large handful of people to it. They just changed their product line. I just bought the “new and improved” hand soap and used it for the first time. I of course tried my favorite one. But it made my hands smell more perfumy than usual and not as good. I’m not sure if I like it anymore. Maybe it’s just in my head. I’m holding off on passing final judgment for a few days. This might devastate my life. (Not to mention the nuisance it will be to have to return 21 bottles of hand soap. And yes, that is how many I bought.)