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June 2010

Jacks Reigning Champion

This week my extended family on my mom’s side are all together at my grandparents for a family vacation/reunion. As is traditional in my family, today we had a series of games and competitions organized by my mom and aunt. Among them was a double elimination tournament of Jacks. Jacks, it turns out, is actually […]

Oakdale Omega-3 Brown Eggs

I’ve heard on the radio quite a lot of times that Oakdale omega-3 brown eggs are supposed to taste better and be better for you. At Costco, they are not terribly more expensive than ordinary eggs, so I figured I’d give them a try. I bought some, but didn’t use them initially and ended up […]

I’m Not Afraid

While I’m on the topic of really cool and uplifting music, I really like this song. (Not for the faint of heart. As in, it’s not edited and it’s got profanity most would consider pretty serious.) Update: I found a copy of the video that is edited, so it’s a little less offensive. I’ve replaced […]

School Thy Feelings

My grandpa, uncle, dad, and I starting sing in a quartet together over a year ago. It’s a lot of fun. We’re not terribly professional, but we’ve got some dozen songs that we’ve got down pretty well. We’ve got a couple westerns, some old love songs, some hymns from the hymnbook, and some other traditional […]

Browser Compatibility

I was going through the information for the visitors to my blog during the last couple of days and discovered that one visitor came to the site using Internet Explorer 7. So I decided I better double check that my site was in fact compatible with IE7. Turns out there were some serious issues viewing […]

My Tomato Plant is Pregnant

When I moved into my new apartment a couple months ago, I started growing a garden on my patio. It’s small, and all in pots, but really growing remarkably well. I have two tomato plants, a planter box with several patches of chives, another with several patches of parsley and a pot with four basil […]

My New Blog

As a few of you may have noticed, my blog has been here only intermittently this week—especially this weekend. I’ve been working on building a new theme and have broken my website a number of times. Now it’s ready to go, browser compatible, and up reliably. So this is the official launch of my new […]