My Tomato Plant is Pregnant

When I moved into my new apartment a couple months ago, I started growing a garden on my patio. It’s small, and all in pots, but really growing remarkably well. I have two tomato plants, a planter box with several patches of chives, another with several patches of parsley and a pot with four basil plants. I also had some thyme, but it all died straightway. (I also have quite a few plants inside, but those aren’t edible.)

baby tomatoOf all my plants, I have one tomato plant that is doing the best. It is now poking out of the top of the tomato cage. It’s been covered with blossoms for quite a while. Today I noticed for the first time that my tomato plant is finally pregnant. It has one (still very small) tomato growing. I was afraid that it wasn’t getting any pollination from bees being on a second floor balcony, but there is still hope. Which means the other blossoms might all start turning into tomatoes really soon, too. I’m very excited. Too bad my plant will never actually be a parent, as I am going to eat all of it’s babies before they are born.