Oakdale Omega-3 Brown Eggs

I’ve heard on the radio quite a lot of times that Oakdale omega-3 brown eggs are supposed to taste better and be better for you. At Costco, they are not terribly more expensive than ordinary eggs, so I figured I’d give them a try. I bought some, but didn’t use them initially and ended up bringing them to my grandparent’s house this weekend for a family vacation/reunion. I was in charge of cooking eggs this morning for everyone and I had both those eggs and regular eggs: so what better thing to do than run an experiment?

So I made everyone’s eggs to order, but made everyone’s order half with Oakdale omega-3 brown eggs and half with ordinary eggs. I told everyone that’s what I had done, but only identified them as A eggs and B eggs, so the experiment would a single blind experiment. Not everyone got up early enough to be involved in the experiment, and I had to throw several people out of the experiment for various reasons (for example, some didn’t want more than one egg, and I didn’t cook one person’s eggs similarly enough to be an accurate test).

The results? Four out of five people prefer the taste of Oakdale omega-3 eggs. No one could tell a difference on the whites of the eggs, but I think everyone commented that the yolks tasted distinctly differently from each other. I think it was pretty easy for everyone to tell which eggs were the Oakdale eggs: as my grandma put it, the regular eggs tasted about like every other egg she’d ever eaten, while the brown eggs were decidedly different. My grandpa was the one that liked the ordinary eggs better; he described it as having more flavor. Personally, I would describe the regular egg yolks as having a distinctly sharper “egg” taste, and the Oakdale eggs as having a somewhat subtler—but overall better—flavor.

So I expect I will be buying Oakdale omega-3 brown eggs more often, particularly for just eating. There is still room for more research to be done. I particularly want to try hard boiling each type and using each type in baking side by side.