Spiders Killed My Plant

The other day I noticed that one of my bigger plants—my majesty palm—was beginning to die. I’ve had terrible luck with plants lately, so I was not terribly surprised. Although I had been watering this one as I was supposed to so it struck me as a bit unusual. I looked more closely at it to see if I could just trim the dying stalks and leaves and save the plant and discovered that it was covered with spider webs and the dying sections were covered by an especially large amount of spider webs. I didn’t have a lot of time at the moment to do anything about it, but it looked like the spider could be found, the plant could be trimmed and the plant would be okay.

A few days later I looked at it again and discovered that it was significantly more covered with webs and that all the little tiny specs of dust caught in the web were in fact moving. Apparently there was an egg sack in the plant, probably when I bought it. And it had hatched. There were a lot of spiders: easily thousands of them, each one smaller than a pin head.

I couldn’t find any traces of spiders on the pot of the plant or on any nearby things. So I took the plant directly to the garbage dumpster. Unfortunately, while doing so I got quite a few spiders on me by inadvertently brushing up with the plant in transit (it was a fairly large plant). So I stripped my clothes directly into the washer and immediately took a shower. I hope I got rid of them all; I really don’t want have to deal with a large spider infestation.

So now I have discovered what it is like to have a spider’s egg sack hatch in my apartment. I don’t recommend it.