Facebook Failure?

About half way through my last birthday I was shocked to log on to Facebook and find that not a single person had wished me a happy birthday. My wall has historically been overrun—easily accounting for some 90% of my wall activity for the year. I had to check to verify that my birthday was in fact publicly available information, which it was. By the end of the day my account had held out: not one person even acknowledged that it was my birthday via Facebook.

While many would see this as a devastating failure of Facebook and of my 375 Facebook friends, I personally am really not bothered by no Facebook birthday wishes. I think they’re kind of stupid anyway. No offence to anyone that’s wished me or anyone else happy birthday via Facebook, but the reason that every one of them has wished you a happy birthday is because Facebook told them it was your birthday. And they obviously didn’t care enough to actually interact with you in reality. Furthermore, an awful lot of Facebook birthday wishes I’ve received in my life are from people I hardly know. So I was glad that no one spent the extra time.

P.S. I realize that many of you reading this will now wonder when my birthday was and will go look it up on Facebook, so I’ll save you the trouble: it was yesterday. And now many of you reading this will feel bad that you forgot or didn’t know. I really don’t mind. And you really don’t need to wish me a late birthday. I’m actually glad it’s over and I really am glad hardly anyone noticed, Facebook or otherwise.