I’ve been wanting to try duck for quite some time. Unfortunately, it’s a bit pricey to buy, so I hadn’t done it yet. A couple days ago Shelli took me out to eat at Thaifoon and to a movie for my birthday. They had Bangkok Duck served with a duck salad, so I had to take the chance and try it out.

It came with a bunch of larger pieces of duck along with the salad that had bits of duck meat throughout. The duck itself was quite similar to the dark meat on turkey or chicken (duck is entirely dark meat), though it had some subtle differences in flavor. It was much more moist (in part because it had more grease) and was really quite tasty. This was probably especially the case because of how well it was prepared. I’ve heard a number of times from people that duck is too greasy, but I didn’t really mind the grease. The duck salad was especially good. I’m not sure what all was in it, but the flavors blended really well to compliment the duck meat mixed in with the salad.

So as a result, I’m still not sure that duck is better enough than other fowl to justify spending what duck costs at the grocery store ($20+ for a duck that will feed 2-3), but I’ll definitely eat it again if given the chance.

The dessert was also especially delicious. Ice cream with some sort of custard-like cheesecake and banana drizzled in caramel. Desserts like that make me remember just how much there is to master in making desserts. It was an incredibly good blend of flavors. So it was a great birthday dinner: it was fun, great company, really tasty, and I got to try some duck.