The Ideally Clean Apartment

I like my apartment to be quite clean. Some would probably say it is excessively clean (if such a thing exists—I think not). So over the last many years I have tried to maintain the level of cleanliness that I prefer. This has, of course, been inhibited by many a roommate. Early on I realized that if I wanted a clean apartment I would need to clean it even if I didn’t trash it, and that was that. At that stage I thought that keeping the ideally clean apartment would be relatively easy once I didn’t have roommates that didn’t seem to care. But then I started to doubt.

My doubts started to fester when I had some particularly clean roommates. Now I’ve lived with some pretty clean roommates a few times, and our apartments did stay quite clean most of the time. But even then the apartment would still deteriorate into a state of quite intolerable filth like clockwork and would require some pretty drastic cleaning. Fortunately when I had those roommates we would all pitch in and get the place back up to par. Most of the time our apartment was immaculate. But what I wanted was an apartment that didn’t have those filthy interludes. And I began to wonder if having a low maintenance, always-clean apartment was really feasible. Or was it going to require obsessive, constant cleaning to achieve that? And could it be a reality with only one of me to do the cleaning with very limited time?

I’m now happy to say it can be done and it really is quite easy. I’ve lived by myself now for five months and my kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms all stay quite clean all the time. I still have an occasional disaster, and I still let it slack every once in a while, but it doesn’t usually last very long, the problem is really localized, and cleaning it up is a snap.

So I’ve found that cleaning up after yourself as you go really does work. For example, I think I’ve only really cleaned my bathroom once. And I think I might have scrubbed my kitchen floor twice. Maybe. The rest of the time I just do simply things to maintain the same cleanliness level. It doesn’t seem that difficult, but for some reason it was utterly unachievable with even the cleanest of roommates.

That brings me to one of my favorite things in regard to a clean apartment. I have a relatively small kitchen, so I often clean as I go so I always have room to keep working. I love it when I spend hours cooking a meal and dessert, I get it all ready, people show up, everything’s ready to serve, and my kitchen is spotless. I need to have people over for dinner more often just for that feeling.