My Experience with Geico

For the first time since getting my car insurance I had to file a claim. So it has been a good test to see how well I was treated and how painless/painful the process is to deal with them. I’m have been very satisfied with how they handled everything.

The only reservation I had was when I first called on Saturday to file the claim that my car had been stolen, I was told that car theft is a special case and would have to be handled by a specialist, who wouldn’t be in until Monday. Consequently, I wasn’t able to get any information about the process or what to expect for about 36 hours.

Once I talked to the specialist the following Monday, however, everything went very smoothly. They answered all of my questions quickly and really took care of everything very well. I was impressed with everyone I worked with over the week that it took to get everything straightened out. They called me several times along the way both to work out all the logistics and simply to see if I had any questions/problems with the process or the repairs.

I was especially impressed with their responsiveness and helpfulness. At one point I called the claim adjuster (who had inspected my car) with a question. I called during lunch and got her voicemail. I was just going to try again later in the day until I heard her message. She essentially said that during business hours she returned all calls within 10 minutes. She then said that if she didn’t call back within 10 minutes to call her supervisor and gave her supervisor’s name and number. So I left a message; she called back in less than 2 minutes.

I was calling because I thought there was something wrong with my brakes. She was very willing to set everything up for me to have them inspected and then set up the repairs once it was determined they had problems relating to the theft.

Another time I sent an email to my main contact for the claim with a couple questions. She called me about 5 minutes later to explain the answers and make sure I didn’t have any other questions. I was pretty impressed with how they handled everything through the whole ordeal. I’d still certainly recommend against having your car stolen if you can at all help it, but Geico did make the whole thing easier than it could have been.