For some reason, recently I’ve regularly been feeling like my car is a target. I haven’t felt comfortable even leaving my sunglasses in the car. It certainly doesn’t help that the Honda Civic is the single most stolen car in a lot of states. I got a garage at my apartment temporarily, but for the monthly cost of the garage, I figured I could get a pretty nice security system.

Introducing the Viper 5701 2-Way Security and Remote Start System. It’s one of the most advanced security systems on the market with all kind of high tech features. It has 2-way communication with the remote, so the transceiver can check the status of the vehicle and is notified if anything trips the security system. It’s integrated with the ignition and the starter, too, so it disables the ignition if the alarm goes off and can be remote started from 2000 feet away.

Beyond that, it has a two stage impact sensor so it will give a warn away chirp on small impacts, I’ve got decals prominently placed in the windows, and the blinking blue arm LED noticeably lights up the interior at night. So it will deter any would-be thieves or vandals. All it has to do to be worth the purchase is deter one incident of any kind. But even if it doesn’t, it’s worth the piece of mind. I don’t typically have any trouble sleeping at night, but now I can sleep even better.