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May 2011

Time Is Running Out

If you still need to make arrangements for your pet in case of the rapture today, you’ve only got 30 minutes left. You can get more information from Eternal Earth Bound Pets. Better hurry.

Jared’s Transplant Fundraiser

My cousin Jared was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia in January. He’s been in the hospital a lot since then going through chemotherapy and radiation. He will be receiving a bone marrow transplant this month which is vital for helping him stay in remission. The transplant is very expensive and he needs help raising the money […]

New Religious Beginnings

Some of my friends and family know, and others suspect, that I am either no longer active in the LDS Church or that I am at the very least not as stalwart as I should be. The time has come that I want to publicly clarify my position, and elaborate somewhat on how I have […]