Why I Need A House

Today I realized once again that I really want to buy a house. Today this realization was primarily because I fell in love with a stove.

I had to have some service done on my car’s alarm system. So I spent a couple of hours at Best Buy looking at all kinds of things. Toward the end I wandered into the home appliances section. I thought it’d be a good idea to get a little better understanding of prices and features of ranges since someday I’d own a house and would likely buy one.

It didn’t take long before I found the one I really wanted. Glass top with 5 burners: 2 of them with 3 sizes. And 5.9 cubic feet of oven space. I could bake so much more things with that. I had never realized a stove and oven could be so cool. And it was black and stainless steel. It looked really cool and the oven felt really nice to open.

So then I started looking at refrigerators. I had no idea refrigerators had advanced so far technologically. I found the one of those I liked the best too. Turns out it was made by the same brand as my new-found stove and matched in style. It had the refrigerator on the top with French doors. The drawers and shelves were incredibly well laid out. It was lit by LED lights and consumed less energy than a lot of the others. The freezer was a drawer in the bottom. It had a water dispenser inside the refrigerator that didn’t take up any of the shelf space. And the ice maker didn’t take up any of the freezer space.

So now I just need a house so then I can buy a new refrigerator and range …