Going Paperless

I always have a large stack of papers and receipts that I need to go through and file but never get around to. It moves around from place to place in my apartment because I never want to deal with it but don’t really have a place for it. I’ve redone filing systems in the past and have never been able to solve the stack-of-paper-to-go-through problem. But now I think I have finally solved it.

This week I bought an HP 8500A Plus┬áprinter. I’ve really wanted a scanner with a document feeder that does double sided scanning. This one’s got quite a lot of features that streamline a lot of things. So now I can load a stack of paper or a receipt and hit a couple buttons on the printer’s screen and have my printer scan it in and automatically file it on my laptop wirelessly. And I’ve set up a bunch of presets so it’s super easy to scan different types of documents and have them sorted on my laptop.

During the last couple days I’ve scanned hundreds of documents. I’ve taken care of that pile of papers and I have now started into scanning all of my files. My goal is to get rid of virtually all of my printed documents. I’ll only keep the few documents where I absolutely need the originals. Between my my new printer, my system for encrypting and securing my files, and my system for backing up my files I think I’ve got a pretty perfect and foolproof digital filing system. I’m going paperless at last.