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Love at First Sight

I was in Best Buy several weeks ago and saw a laptop from 30 or 40 feet away. I instantly knew it was different and that I really wanted it. After not too much time of examining it I decided that I didn’t really want it—I really, really wanted it. A week later I discovered […]

Atheism 2.0

Just saw this on TED.com. I like this guy’s ideas.

Studying Piano

I can’t imagine that there is anyone that has talked to me in the last month or so that hasn’t heard that I’m taking piano lessons. In fact, everyone is probably pretty sick of hearing about it and probably thinks that’s all I talk about. So for those of you that don’t talk to me […]

Updated Apartment Pictures

I’ve rearranged my apartment quite a few times. The latest was after I purchased a new Clavinova digital piano a couple months ago. Here it is in it’s new home. [nggallery id=3]

Facebook Integration

I set up a Facebook integration on my blog —  just testing it out.

Starving But Unable to Eat

For those of you that would like an update, I’ve decided that tonsillectomies are not quite as fun as they sound. I’ve also decided that having 1 tonsil out is quite enough. I was told that the discomfort would get worse during the first several days and then get worse again during days 5 to […]

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse from Amazon

Many people have admired my mouse and keyboard. I still love them and highly recommend them. For those that would like to purchase the same ones, here they are. I have signed up for an affiliate account through Amazon so if you click on these links to make your purchase I will get a small […]

Still Very Funny

I posted this a while back. Found out recently that the embedded video I used had been removed from YouTube. So I fixed it. Here it is again for those that missed it the first time. And also for everyone else that didn’t, so you can watch it again. I still laugh every time in […]


According to the Men’s Health guide to style: Rule #17: Wear Flip-Flops Only at Home What makes a man a man? He is strong. He is certain. He is prepared at any moment to meet a manly challenge with courage and fortitude. When a child wanders off the curb into traffic, when a date is […]

Mod 5 Volume Levels

Perhaps I shouldn’t admit this, but yesterday while driving I realized that I typically only use volume levels on my car stereo that evenly divide by 5. It turns out that under very rare circumstances, this isn’t actually sufficient. Yesterday was such an occasion: 35 was too loud and 30 wasn’t quite loud enough. I […]