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Why I Need A House

Today I realized once again that I really want to buy a house. Today this realization was primarily because I fell in love with a stove. I had to have some service done on my car’s alarm system. So I spent a couple of hours at Best Buy looking at all kinds of things. Toward […]

Oakdale Omega-3 Brown Eggs

I’ve heard on the radio quite a lot of times that Oakdale omega-3 brown eggs are supposed to taste better and be better for you. At Costco, they are not terribly more expensive than ordinary eggs, so I figured I’d give them a try. I bought some, but didn’t use them initially and ended up […]

Candy Making

Mastering candy making is turning out to be a little challenging. In all of my baking and cooking experience I cannot remember a time when I had so many utter catastrophes. There were of course some—that simply comes with cooking. Like my several attempts at grapefruit pie. And then there are the collapsing crusts or […]

The Smell of Baking Pie

It’s been some 3 months since I baked a pie.  That’s remarkable for such a longstanding addiction to baking pies.  And especially considering it is such a strong addictive habit.  Today I finally broke down and baked one.  I had forgotten just how good a baking pie smells.  The smell of a flaky, browning crust […]

Coconut Bread

I’ve been asked for this recipe a number of times, so I’m going to post it here. It is certainly among the very best of all the quick breads that I have made. It is very sweet and has a very intense and absolutely delicious coconut flavor. It’s the kind of bread you can just […]

Graduation Gifts

As graduation approached it didn’t even cross my mind that people typically give graduations gifts and that I would soon be the recipient of such. Then my grandpa called me to talk to me about the gift my grandparents wanted to give me: a Kitchenaid. So now I can certainly say I got the coolest […]

The 75th Anniversary of The Joy of Cooking

A couple of years ago in early 2006 I discovered one of the best cookbooks ever published: the Joy of Cooking. If I remember correctly, my roommate Nick checked it out from the BYU library and we both fell in love with it. It wasn’t long before we both bought copies. When we bought them […]

Happy Birthday Nelson!

Today is my roommate Nelson’s birthday. I baked this German Chocolate Cake for the occasion. I’ve made German Chocolate Cake from scratch a couple of times before. It’s worth making it from scratch even though it calls for pretty specialized ingredients (like cake flour and sweetened baking chocolate) and it is a rather complicated cake […]