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Facebook Integration

I set up a Facebook integration on my blog —  just testing it out.

Kindle Edition

I’m pleased to announce that WilliamKrohn.com is now available on Kindle. You may subscribe here.

New Blog Features

First off, I fixed the commenting problem. I added a math question that’ll strip out spammers. Don’t worry, I controlled myself—the math questions aren’t too complex. I also added a Contact Me page. I had one on my blog when I was using Blogger, but hadn’t gotten around to building one into this WordPress theme […]

Spam Comments

I’ve had to temporarily disable commenting on my blog. My email and blog has been flooded by over 400 comments from spammers in the last 24 hours. Once this slows down or I set up a captcha form I’ll enable comments again. If anyone legitimate has commented in the last 24 hours I likely marked […]

100 Posts

I just noticed that this is my 100th post. It only took me 2⅓ years to do that, which is an average of one post every 8.55 days. Not too bad, considering I’ve taken months at a time off from blogging.

New Search Functionality

I received a complaint today that the search functionality on my blog didn’t work very well. So I upgraded it with new features to make my users’ lives easier. Try it out: Site Search I really appreciate the feedback. I wasn’t aware of how bad the search feature was on here. Any other feedback is more than welcome.

Record Breaking Blog Traffic

Apparently I have effectively killed almost all of my reader base for my blog. I don’t blame anyone for giving up, since I haven’t been posting much the last six months. But after 4 posts in one week I was pretty surprised to find out that I only had 3 visitors. That’s more posts than […]

Seriously A Genuinely Massive Statement

I don’t typically pay too much attention to spam comments on my blog other than make sure they don’t appear. But every once in a while you get a gem. This comment was left on one of my older posts today. I’ve marked it as spam so you won’t find it anywhere, but I’m posting […]

Browser Compatibility

I was going through the information for the visitors to my blog during the last couple of days and discovered that one visitor came to the site using Internet Explorer 7. So I decided I better double check that my site was in fact compatible with IE7. Turns out there were some serious issues viewing […]

My New Blog

As a few of you may have noticed, my blog has been here only intermittently this week—especially this weekend. I’ve been working on building a new theme and have broken my website a number of times. Now it’s ready to go, browser compatible, and up reliably. So this is the official launch of my new […]