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Bold and Italics in Google Chat

I just learned something really cool about Google Chat: you can make things bold or italic. I’ve wanted to do that so many times: This text is *bold* => This textis bold This text is _in italics_ => This text is in italics This text is -struck out-. => This text is struck out. This […]

The Coolest Jump Drive Ever

A few months ago I bought a new jump drive. I still get utility from its design and size (both its physical size and mental capacity) every time I use it. When I first came to BYU I bought a jump drive. It was a cutting edge 512 MB drive. I used it for a […]

My Favorite Christmas Tree

Each year at work a Christmas Tree is dropped off around Thanksgiving time for our office. Each year my coworkers and I are faced with a similar conundrum: we don’t have any Christmas ornaments or Christmas lights to decorate the tree. The first year this happened a couple of my coworkers brilliantly solved this problem […]