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SOS Pads

I don’t know how many of you have ever really thought about SOS Pads, but they are really pretty amazing things. And it’s not just the fact that they are made of steel. I don’t know what they put in that blue soap powder, but it works wonders.

New Pots and Pans

I’ve wanted nice pots and pans for a really long time. Now, after months of trying to determine which pots and pans to buy, I finally settled on a set: the Cooking with Calphalon Refined Collection in stainless steel. I purchased them this last weekend and am really excited about them. I needed a large […]

The Ideally Clean Apartment

I like my apartment to be quite clean. Some would probably say it is excessively clean (if such a thing exists—I think not). So over the last many years I have tried to maintain the level of cleanliness that I prefer. This has, of course, been inhibited by many a roommate. Early on I realized […]

Oakdale Omega-3 Brown Eggs

I’ve heard on the radio quite a lot of times that Oakdale omega-3 brown eggs are supposed to taste better and be better for you. At Costco, they are not terribly more expensive than ordinary eggs, so I figured I’d give them a try. I bought some, but didn’t use them initially and ended up […]

Candy Making

Mastering candy making is turning out to be a little challenging. In all of my baking and cooking experience I cannot remember a time when I had so many utter catastrophes. There were of course some—that simply comes with cooking. Like my several attempts at grapefruit pie. And then there are the collapsing crusts or […]


For Halloween this year I spent the evening at my Grandma’s 70th birthday party.  Unfortunately, pictures often don’t really do things justice. I mostly did the tattoos myself—they were individual 1 × 1 inch square temporary tattoos, so it took a little while.  My mother tailored my shirt (though she had no idea what costume […]

The Smell of Baking Pie

It’s been some 3 months since I baked a pie.  That’s remarkable for such a longstanding addiction to baking pies.  And especially considering it is such a strong addictive habit.  Today I finally broke down and baked one.  I had forgotten just how good a baking pie smells.  The smell of a flaky, browning crust […]

A Faulty Smoke Detector

Today I tested my smoke detectors to make sure they work; the result was slightly concerning. While my roommate and a bunch of other people were watching Prison Break in the front room, I started cooking some rice on the stove. Then I went back to my room and forgot about it. After about 10 […]

The Making of Apricot Jam

My parents have a number of fruit trees. Right now one of the apricot trees is in season, so I ended up getting about 50 pounds of apricots last week. A few years ago I tried making apricot pie. It didn’t turn out very well, and I didn’t really feel like making another attempt right […]

Coconut Bread

I’ve been asked for this recipe a number of times, so I’m going to post it here. It is certainly among the very best of all the quick breads that I have made. It is very sweet and has a very intense and absolutely delicious coconut flavor. It’s the kind of bread you can just […]