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The Complicated Task of Hard Boiling Eggs

I realize that I’m posting a lot about eggs and cooking, but I can’t help but mention this. As I was perusing my new Joy of Cooking yesterday, I came across the fact that the method for hard boiling eggs that the new version recommends is different from the method that the old version recommended […]

The 75th Anniversary of The Joy of Cooking

A couple of years ago in early 2006 I discovered one of the best cookbooks ever published: the Joy of Cooking. If I remember correctly, my roommate Nick checked it out from the BYU library and we both fell in love with it. It wasn’t long before we both bought copies. When we bought them […]

Happy Birthday Nelson!

Today is my roommate Nelson’s birthday. I baked this German Chocolate Cake for the occasion. I’ve made German Chocolate Cake from scratch a couple of times before. It’s worth making it from scratch even though it calls for pretty specialized ingredients (like cake flour and sweetened baking chocolate) and it is a rather complicated cake […]