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I’ve been wanting to try duck for quite some time. Unfortunately, it’s a bit pricey to buy, so I hadn’t done it yet. A couple days ago Shelli took me out to eat at Thaifoon and to a movie for my birthday. They had Bangkok Duck served with a duck salad, so I had to […]

Facebook Failure?

About half way through my last birthday I was shocked to log on to Facebook and find that not a single person had wished me a happy birthday. My wall has historically been overrun—easily accounting for some 90% of my wall activity for the year. I had to check to verify that my birthday was […]

The Making of Apricot Jam

My parents have a number of fruit trees. Right now one of the apricot trees is in season, so I ended up getting about 50 pounds of apricots last week. A few years ago I tried making apricot pie. It didn’t turn out very well, and I didn’t really feel like making another attempt right […]

Microsoft Excel for Poets

A few days ago Dave, Andrew, Janelle and I were discussing books that we would each be inclined and/or qualified to write. In light of my recent adventures with poetry, Andrew observed that I was uniquely poised to write the reference book Microsoft Excel for Poets. I’m sure such a book has not previously been […]

Poker Totals

Here are the totals for Poker, as of the last time we played. Each total is the net amount gained (or lost), taking into account the payout for each game. The percent return shows the average percent return each player has earned overall. The list is in descending order of wealth. First Name Balance   % […]

Debt Elimination Update

So I’ve already updated the Debt Elimination Calculator (and yes, I do realize it has only been a couple hours). The new version is version 2.2.1 and can be downloaded here or from the original post (the links in each point to the same file). Features added for version 2.2.1: The spreadsheet now calculates the information (time […]

Drag Racing

I went to a drag race for the first time last Friday. It was surprisingly fun, in large part because of who I was with: Dave, Andrew, and Janelle. It was in many ways precisely how I expected it to be: loud, smokey, smelly, and monotonous. Even with all of that, though, it was really […]

The 75th Anniversary of The Joy of Cooking

A couple of years ago in early 2006 I discovered one of the best cookbooks ever published: the Joy of Cooking. If I remember correctly, my roommate Nick checked it out from the BYU library and we both fell in love with it. It wasn’t long before we both bought copies. When we bought them […]

Happy Birthday Nelson!

Today is my roommate Nelson’s birthday. I baked this German Chocolate Cake for the occasion. I’ve made German Chocolate Cake from scratch a couple of times before. It’s worth making it from scratch even though it calls for pretty specialized ingredients (like cake flour and sweetened baking chocolate) and it is a rather complicated cake […]