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Still Very Funny

I posted this a while back. Found out recently that the embedded video I used had been removed from YouTube. So I fixed it. Here it is again for those that missed it the first time. And also for everyone else that didn’t, so you can watch it again. I still laugh every time in […]

Mod 5 Volume Levels

Perhaps I shouldn’t admit this, but yesterday while driving I realized that I typically only use volume levels on my car stereo that evenly divide by 5. It turns out that under very rare circumstances, this isn’t actually sufficient. Yesterday was such an occasion: 35 was too loud and 30 wasn’t quite loud enough. I […]

Interesting Correlations to GDP

I found a really interesting econometric paper via a blog I follow. It looks at one factor┬árelated to a country’s GDP that is apparently pretty significant. I know most of you just zoned out, but you really should read the following excerpt from the paper’s abstract: This paper explores the link between economic development and […]

Time Is Running Out

If you still need to make arrangements for your pet in case of the rapture today, you’ve only got 30 minutes left. You can get more information from Eternal Earth Bound Pets. Better hurry.

Keynes vs Hayek

This is really entertaining. And really educational. It’s a summary of the debate between two pretty different schools of economic thought. I love rap. And the ending is so appropriate.

A Rational Discussion

A friend of mine brought this to my attention. I thought it was pretty great. It’s a flowchart to help you determine if you’re having a rational discussion.

Resolving Externalities

This is super funny. Click to enlarge. A perfect demonstration of Coase Theorem in economics. Basically if there are no transaction costs in the presence of externalities then an efficient outcome can be reached by bargaining/trading. I’ve been thinking recently that I need to go discuss Coase Theorem with my downstairs neighbors. I’m sure I […]

Seriously A Genuinely Massive Statement

I don’t typically pay too much attention to spam comments on my blog other than make sure they don’t appear. But every once in a while you get a gem. This comment was left on one of my older posts today. I’ve marked it as spam so you won’t find it anywhere, but I’m posting […]

A Miracle

Here is a copy of the note that is hanging next to our trash can: Our behavior in regard to this trash can is absolutely unacceptable. It only will be the result of an almost superhuman act of sheer will if I do not personally violently and torturously murder the next person that puts something […]

Amen, Brother