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Keynes vs Hayek

This is really entertaining. And really educational. It’s a summary of the debate between two pretty different schools of economic thought. I love rap. And the ending is so appropriate.

Health Care Proposals

I totally agree with Dr Miron.

A Rational Discussion

A friend of mine brought this to my attention. I thought it was pretty great. It’s a flowchart to help you determine if you’re having a rational discussion.

Insurance 101

I read an article written by several highly respected people in economics and health care published in The Wall Street Journal today on several aspects of the health care reform that I have thought a fair amount about. I quite agree with what they wrote and recommend reading it. I want to expand on some […]

Suspicious Semantics

President Obama was interviewed by 5 different networks over the weekend. Here is one short segment of one interview that I found interesting. It’s a short conversation between George Stephanopoulos and President Obama about new taxation that is in the current health care reform bill. You can also read the text of the conversation from […]

A Shift in Political Perspective

The last couple of weeks I haven’t spent as much time following the health care debate as I would like. I did listen to President Obama’s speach tonight and then I spent some time doing some research about what I’ve missed in the last few weeks. There was one particular paragraph on Keith Hennessey’s blog […]

Global Warming

If you haven’t seen this video, The Great Global Warming Swindle, you should watch it. It was put out by WAG TV as a response to Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth. It’s a little lengthy, but worth the time. Not only does it give convincing scientific data that global warming is a natural phenomenon […]

The Case for Doing Nothing

Concerning the economy, I agree with this article quite closely. I think it is worth reading. The Case for Doing Nothing by Dr Jeffrey A. Miron

Legalization of Illicit Drugs

I know that I have mentioned to several people in various conversations the economic perspective that illegal drugs should be legalized. Unfortunately, I have not been versed enough in the details of the subject to give a very motivating argument. Dr Jeffrey Miron, an economist at Harvard University, published an article about the topic last […]