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Product Endoresements

Love at First Sight

I was in Best Buy several weeks ago and saw a laptop from 30 or 40 feet away. I instantly knew it was different and that I really wanted it. After not too much time of examining it I decided that I didn’t really want it—I really, really wanted it. A week later I discovered […]

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse from Amazon

Many people have admired my mouse and keyboard. I still love them and highly recommend them. For those that would like to purchase the same ones, here they are. I have signed up for an affiliate account through Amazon so if you click on these links to make your purchase I will get a small […]

Why I Need A House

Today I realized once again that I really want to buy a house. Today this realization was primarily because I fell in love with a stove. I had to have some service done on my car’s alarm system. So I spent a couple of hours at Best Buy looking at all kinds of things. Toward […]

SOS Pads

I don’t know how many of you have ever really thought about SOS Pads, but they are really pretty amazing things. And it’s not just the fact that they are made of steel. I don’t know what they put in that blue soap powder, but it works wonders.

If Only I Had a Paper to Write

Just bought one of these. I really like it a lot. I’ve sat down at my computer several times since then just wishing that I had something significant to type so I could use it more. It feels really nice to type on it. It also connects to my computer through the same unifying receiver […]


For some reason, recently I’ve regularly been feeling like my car is a target. I haven’t felt comfortable even leaving my sunglasses in the car. It certainly doesn’t help that the Honda Civic is the single most stolen car in a lot of states. I got a garage at my apartment temporarily, but for the […]

Oakley Sunglasses

Yesterday I spent more money on a single pair of sunglasses than I’ve spent on all the other sunglasses I’ve purchased in my entire life combined. I’ve been shopping around for a really nice pair. I especially wanted something with really high quality lenses. So I bought Oakley Flak Jackets with hydrophobic polarized lenses. So […]

New Pots and Pans

I’ve wanted nice pots and pans for a really long time. Now, after months of trying to determine which pots and pans to buy, I finally settled on a set: the Cooking with Calphalon Refined Collection in stainless steel. I purchased them this last weekend and am really excited about them. I needed a large […]

My Experience with Geico

For the first time since getting my car insurance I had to file a claim. So it has been a good test to see how well I was treated and how painless/painful the process is to deal with them. I’m have been very satisfied with how they handled everything. The only reservation I had was when I first called on Saturday to file the claim that my car had been stolen, I was told that […]

3M Command Strips

If any of you have ever heard me endorse or speak positively in any way regarding 3M Command Strips, you should be aware that I am no longer a fan of them and have sworn off using them. I’ve had quite a few of them fall off the wall in the last couple of months—many […]