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Updated Apartment Pictures

I’ve rearranged my apartment quite a few times. The latest was after I purchased a new Clavinova digital piano a couple months ago. Here it is in it’s new home. [nggallery id=3]

Why I Need A House

Today I realized once again that I really want to buy a house. Today this realization was primarily because I fell in love with a stove. I had to have some service done on my car’s alarm system. So I spent a couple of hours at Best Buy looking at all kinds of things. Toward […]

If Only I Had a Paper to Write

Just bought one of these. I really like it a lot. I’ve sat down at my computer several times since then just wishing that I had something significant to type so I could use it more. It feels really nice to type on it. It also connects to my computer through the same unifying receiver […]


For some reason, recently I’ve regularly been feeling like my car is a target. I haven’t felt comfortable even leaving my sunglasses in the car. It certainly doesn’t help that the Honda Civic is the single most stolen car in a lot of states. I got a garage at my apartment temporarily, but for the […]

Oakley Sunglasses

Yesterday I spent more money on a single pair of sunglasses than I’ve spent on all the other sunglasses I’ve purchased in my entire life combined. I’ve been shopping around for a really nice pair. I especially wanted something with really high quality lenses. So I bought Oakley Flak Jackets with hydrophobic polarized lenses. So […]

New Pots and Pans

I’ve wanted nice pots and pans for a really long time. Now, after months of trying to determine which pots and pans to buy, I finally settled on a set: the Cooking with Calphalon Refined Collection in stainless steel. I purchased them this last weekend and am really excited about them. I needed a large […]

Plastic Grocery Bags

I am regularly disgusted with how dependent people are on plastic bags. Why is it that I can go to the store to purchase two or three items, carry them all over the store, and then it’s assumed that once I pay for them I am incapable of carrying them any more? And when you […]

Hamlet on BluRay

Last week I bought a BluRay home theater system. I just received my favorite movie on BluRay: Hamlet (the Kenneth Branagh version). It looks fantastic!! I’ve only watched a few minutes of it so far, but I love it. I can’t wait to have a party to watch the whole thing.

Furniture At Last

After months of researching, purchasing, waiting, and assembling, my apartment is finally furnished. I’ve still got a few odds and ends to tweak, but I’m really happy with how well it turned out thus far. Check out the pictures. [nggallery id=2] It’s just the perfect atmosphere that I was hoping for: it’s perfect for having […]

Interior Decorating

Many of you have undoubtedly noticed by now that my purchasing habits are slightly atypical. I really like to do a lot of research and study before purchasing most things. When I decide that I want to buy a certain thing then I begin the research process of learning everything I can that is pertinent […]