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Some Fantastic Headphones

The headphones I’ve been using for quite a while have been very cheap earbuds. They’ve been wearing out and I’ve been meaning get some better ones for quite a while. I have been particularly interested in trying out some in ear headphones. A couple weeks ago I buckled down and did some fairly extensive research […]

A Tragedy May Have Struck

It’s too early to tell for sure, but my favorite hand soap may have ceased to exist. I’ve mentioned this before: Bath and Body Works moisturizing hand soap has been the best hand soap I had ever used, hands down. It smells great and it has prevented my hands from cracking and bleeding for about […]

Women’s Night Out

Apparently the Saturday night of General Conference weekend is a pretty good time to go to Bath and Body Works. For some reason they think that lots of women are going to be out shopping together. They had quite a few discounts and specials, calling it Women’s Night Out. So I got $35 of merchandise […]

My First Attempt at Poetry

I just purchased Hamlet a couple of days ago and am inviting people over to watch it this week. I’ve seen excerpts from a number of film versions of Hamlet and seen a couple all the way through. From everything I’ve seen so far, the one I like the best is the Kenneth Branagh version […]

The 75th Anniversary of The Joy of Cooking

A couple of years ago in early 2006 I discovered one of the best cookbooks ever published: the Joy of Cooking. If I remember correctly, my roommate Nick checked it out from the BYU library and we both fell in love with it. It wasn’t long before we both bought copies. When we bought them […]

The Coolest Jump Drive Ever

A few months ago I bought a new jump drive. I still get utility from its design and size (both its physical size and mental capacity) every time I use it. When I first came to BYU I bought a jump drive. It was a cutting edge 512 MB drive. I used it for a […]

My New Tablecloth

I really like tablecloths. I first bought one a couple of years ago when I was living in the Grange. The table was very large, so I bought a blue tablecloth to fit it. It added a lot to the kitchen there, though I didn’t use it as often as I expected because it would […]