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My New Tablecloth: An Update

I’ve been ranting about my tablecloth to lots of people and have repeatedly run into the fact that I forgot to mention in my blog the brand of my new awesome tablecloth. It is an Origins Microfiber Tablecloth. Mine is Navy, 52 x 70 inches for $14.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond. I’m going to […]

The Potential of 1 Tablespoon of JetDry

Today I inadvertently discovered the voluminous potential of JetDry. It turns out that a pretty small amount (about a tablespoon) easily generates enough suds to flood a kitchen. In the time I’ve lived in my apartment we haven’t (until yesterday) put JetDry in our dishwasher. Thus, water spots and wet dishes have been the norm. […]

An Historic Event

Today is a significant day: it marks the inauguration of my first blog. I have for a long time considered obtaining a domain and creating a website of some kind. I’ve done a fair amount of research into doing so, but had not as yet officially undertaken such an endeavor. This blog is the first […]