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A Website Well Worth Checking Out

When I was looking up information about Dr Benjamin’s mathemagics performance (see my blog post), I stumbled across a site on the internet that I think is worth checking out. It is TED.com. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. It started in 1984 as a conference to “[bring] together people from those three worlds.” During […]

MatheMagics Show at BYU

Dr Arthur Benjamin will be coming to BYU to perform this week. He combines magic and mathematics in his performances of “mathemagics.” It’s supposed to be very enjoyable and entertaining for everyone—not just the mathematically inclined. Tickets are free; here’s the flier from the BYU Math Department for the event: My numerical methods professor, Dr […]

My New Tablecloth

I really like tablecloths. I first bought one a couple of years ago when I was living in the Grange. The table was very large, so I bought a blue tablecloth to fit it. It added a lot to the kitchen there, though I didn’t use it as often as I expected because it would […]

My Favorite Christmas Tree

Each year at work a Christmas Tree is dropped off around Thanksgiving time for our office. Each year my coworkers and I are faced with a similar conundrum: we don’t have any Christmas ornaments or Christmas lights to decorate the tree. The first year this happened a couple of my coworkers brilliantly solved this problem […]